9 May 2013

How To Make Goku Fondant Figurines

 Here are the steps on how to make Goku figurines out of ready made Fondant. I used this for cupcake toppers.

Prepare the cake decorating tools,
such as knife, fondant ball tool
Fondant rolling pin, Wilton icing tip #10 and toothpick. 
Gel food colors such as 3 parts orange, 2 parts sky blue, black, red & very light brown to form a skin tone.While adding the colors to form a balls dashed it with tylose powder.

Prepare the head of goku.
In your orange fondant
Form a small line just the same size of your fingers, fold it half way to form the legs.
Insert toothpick in between the legs to stand.
prepare the body..
With your orange fondant
Make a 2 small square shape
For goku's shirt

Form the light brown fondant into goku's body and put the orange shirt
To the front & back
Add it on top of the legs inserted to the toothpick.
Put the head on
Prepare the hair.
Use water to stick the parts using the paint brush.

Enjoy making fondant!
Here's my final Goku cupcake toppers.