24 Mar 2013

How to Make Minnie Mouse Fondant Figurine

 In making fondant toppers like minnie mouse figurine you will need the following:

Ready Made Fondant (brand of your choice)

with Tylose Powder.

Gel Food Colors. ( your choice)

First one that we will discuss is about tylose powder and this is one that I always use. Tylose Powder is less expensive than most gums in the market however it can be tough to locate since it is mostly available through the internet, you can find them at some of the specialty cake supply stores. Tylose powder is used in some gum paste recipes but you can add it to plain fondant to create a quick version of gumpaste for  creating figurines and sugar flowers. Tylose powder is a  fine powder you can work into fondant to make a really quick transition to gumpaste.

Contributed by: LipslikesugarCAKES

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