2 Apr 2013

How to Make a Two Tier Cake Stand

 Are you looking for a two tier cake stand? Here's how:

1. The cake was then left overnight to firm up the icing and then put onto the cake board - I used Wilton's wooden dowels but its the same technique for the plastic ones too.

2. I used  board the same size as the cake that is going on top and slightly press it to form an indent - this will let me know where i am going to place my dowels.

3. Then insert the dowels into the cake and use an edible pen to mark where it stops. Take it back out and cut just below the marked line so that it just sits under the icing.

4. Then add some buttercream or ganache to hold as a glue but not over the dowels so they are visible. Repeat until all the dowels are in place.

5. Place on the same board used to mark the top of the cake for the top tier to sit on and cover that with buttercream or ganache.

6.  And place on the top tier.

Article and Photo:
Contributed by: LipslikesugarCAKES

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