2 Apr 2013

Chocolate Chiffon Making

Chiffon Cake is a very light cake. It is a combination of both batter and foam type cakes. In contrast to butter, the traditional fat used in cake making, it is difficult to beat air into oil, so chiffon cakes achieve a fluffy texture by beating egg whites until stiff and folding them into the cake batter before baking. Here is how Cookinghub make their chiffon cake.

1.  Using the Right Pan --- Traditionally, chiffon cakes are baked in tube pans because of their unique sides that allow the cakes to rise higher. In Cookinghub we tried that already. This time we used other size of pan, but the result is still good. Do not grease the pan because chiffon cakes cling to the sides to rise, if you did, then your cake will not rise as high.

2.  Sifting the Flour Before Measuring --- It will help to lighten the flour and remove the flour crumbs. Some recipe uses cake flour, it is the best flour for chiffon cakes. But if it is not available sifting all purpose flour will give you the same result. Do not tap the measuring cup, after spooning little by little, use a flat spatula to level. You will noticed that after sifting, excess flour will remain in the bowl. Combine the dry ingredients into a big bowl and make a well in the middle.

3. Separate the Egg yolks from Egg Whites --- We recommend using fresh large eggs and do not refrigerate. Room temperature eggs  must almost always be used in baking because they ensure a better texture and shape, not only eggs, but other baking ingredients. Fresher the eggs will whip up better as well.

Do not forget to put the cream of tartar on the egg whites before beating.

4.  Beating the Egg Whites --- When whisking the egg whites make sure the bowl is clean and dry. Any oil or grease in the bowl will result the egg whites not to whip up well. We add the sugar little by little when the mixture is already fine in texture, no more big bubbles, and continue beating. Do not remove the whisk until you did not put all the sugar. It's quite long to make this step, but it's worth it! You will have the light and fluffy chiffon cake!

5. Using the Right Oil --- Oil is used instead of butter in chiffon cakes to give the cakes light and softer texture. We used corn oil, but any vegetable oil will do. Combine egg yolks, oil, and chocolate liquid or any liquid you want to dry ingredients and mix well using spatula.

6. Folding Method --- Fold the egg whites onto the chocolate batter using a rubber spatula. Cut and fold carefully and slowly to not deflate the egg whites, until the mixture is well combined. 

7. Pour the Batter --- Pour onto the prepared pan, trying not to move the pan while pouring, this ensures that more bubbles will not form. After pouring, avoid hitting the pan against the table or counter. To minimize the cracking, smooth the top with an angled spatula. If you don't have one, avoid using anything else as it could create more cracks. Do not forget to invert the pan after baking. Set aside and cool completely. And here it is a soft and fluffy Chocolate Chiffon Cake from Cookinghub.

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