10 Apr 2013

Why I Love Kenwood

The history of Kenwood began more than a half a century ago when Mr. Kenneth Wood founded his first company in Woking, Surrey. He started a business in 1947 making electrical appliances called the Kenwood Manufacturing Company Limited. He wanted to manufacture and sell appliances, which people desired as luxury items, but indeed would soon become every-day essentials. (taken from my Kenwood manuals).

And congratulations to me because I am one of the proud owner of this Kenwood Chef mixer. This machine helps me cooking easier, quicker and extremely pleasurable, along other vast selection of attachments, make my work light of so many repetitive preparation tasks, especially this mixer.
Today, I planned to make this yummy Shakoy from my friend's website. And thanks to my Kenwood Chef, it helps me a lot. Less time for kneading, less mess in your kitchen. Here's how I use my mixer in making the dough:

1. I make some changes in a way of raising the yeast. I used my own method, by putting a lukewarm water in a bowl and sprinkle the yeast.

2. Then add the salt and flour at a time and begin to number 1 speed of mixing.

3. When the dough is combined, increase the speed to number 3 and continue beating until the dough comes out from the side of the bowl.

 4. Spread a little amount of oil into the bowl and make the dough into a round ball, cover with kitchen towel and let it rise.

That's why I love Kenwood! It makes my recipe easy and less messy in my Cookinghub. Thank you to my husband for buying this for me two years ago. Thank you also to KwaliteatimeAtHome for sharing your recipe. Enjoy cooking!

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